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At Montgomery Entities we would like to recognize and congratulate the achievements of our employees’ children and/or stepchildren. We are excited about rewarding for outstanding scholastic effort, and we want to do everything in our power to encourage our children to make their future a bright one.


The employee must have at least 90 days of service with Montgomery Transport, Montgomery Logistics, RM Logistics, MT Dedicated, or MT Select. All employees’ children and/or stepchildren are eligible for the Green 4 Grades program.


All rewards are based on year-end report cards and the yearly average. 4th – 12th Grade will receive money for each “A” they receive in academic and non-academic subjects. See the table below for the value of each subject.

1st – 3rd Grade will receive $1 for each year-end “A”, “S”, “O”, or Pass, maximum of $20.
Checks will be mailed to your child’s home address at the end of July.

Note: Core Classes are Math, English, Science, History, and Language/Reading. For block class schedules, please present the final report card indicating your grades for all courses taken that year. If you have an “A” in multiple Math or English classes, only one will count towards the $20.

SUBJECTS $20 $10 $5
Math (Limit1) $
English (Limit1) $
Up to 3 additional core classes *
Science $
History $
Language/Reading $
Other subjects (up to 3) $

How to submit:

Submit a clear copy of your child’s year-end report card & his/her birth certificate to our Human Resources Department no later than July 1st. If the child is your stepchild, you must provide a copy of the child’s birth certificate, marriage certificate, or proof of guardianship.

3 Options to Submit:

1 Complete form below
2 Download form and mail back to office
3 Pick up form from Donna at the front desk at MT HQ

Green 4 Grades Entry Form